I make beautiful things to organize your space or gift to someone you love!

I’m a teacher from Houston who loves creating things worth keeping. I just started paper crafting recently, as a way to express my creativity and art. I realized that instead of buying a bunch of bamboo boxes that do not fit in my drawers, I could create boxes out of high-quality cardstock. So I made drawer organizers for myself. Please message me for the kind of organizers you need. I’d love to help you organize your space!

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I want to hear rain againlike it felt before the PTSD. water everywhere;none yet clean enough to drink. it’s like a metaphor for my life: being stuck; drowning in myself.

an update and future plans

I have given up on my paper crafting business for now, for the following reasons: I don’t have enough time to craft, since I’m too busy with teaching these days. There was not much interest in my products and it was a bit discouraging. I feel like I was going through a manic phase when […]

low angle view of man standing at night

you are my destruction

I’m being haunted by a ghost. He’s never really there, but sometimes he makes a sound, and makes me think I’m not alone. He’s like cigarettes to me; they both destroy me slowly, but I can’t stop reaching for them when I’m low. He doesn’t know how to love; he can only run away. But […]